CBDC Central Bank Digital Currency Solution

Enter A New Era of Digital Currency





Central Bank Digital Currency

Digital Finance is Constantly Evolving

Embrace the Future Money to Achieve Financial Inclusion

In response to the "cashless" trend and the future of Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) as the new monetary method, we help you develop the new digital payment option featuring two-tier architecture authorized by the Central Bank, high security, reliability and low liquidity risk to achieve inclusive finance and digital finance innovation without affecting traditional banking business.

We Have Professional Expertise to Ensure Public Trust

We uphold the three principles to help you prepare for the future of digital currency: not affecting the existing system, coexisting with the existing system, continuous innovation and efficiency improvement.
  • Public Trust

    Two-Tier Architecture

    Issued by the Central Bank to commercial banks and for consumers to use

  • Fast Interfacing

    Middleware API Planning

    Complete API plan for middleware to achieve fast implementation

  • Full Integration

    One-Stop Implementation

    Frontend App/Web development, middle-end interfacing, backend system development, and Central Bank CBDC connection

  • High Security

    HA Architecture

    Deploy with a high availability architecture to ensure stability and transaction security

Application Framework

We provide comprehensive planning and one-stop implementation of CBDC without affecting the existing system of banks.

Visualizing the New Digital Currency Ecosystem

  • Take the Lead

    Be the pioneer of CBDC and capture the market

  • Thrive on Digital Finance

    Keep up with the financial innovation and digital payment trends to increase corporate image

  • Unlock Potential

    Combine more business models and analyze customer profiles to offer better services and formulate effective digital strategies

We Build Inclusive Financial Services For All
By Amplifying Applications and Diversifying Services
  • Payment

  • App, Online Bank Transfer

  • Forex Trading

  • Online Shopping

  • Stimulus Vouchers

CBDC Scenarios

    Financial Institutions: CBDC Middleware

    In response to the Central Bank's CBDC initiative, TPIsoftware has helped banks implement the CBDC middleware from the building of internal and external full-end systems to external integration with shortened development time, rich experience and regulatory compliance. Trials such as CBDC wallet, payment, exchange, withdrawal and transfer, etc have been conducted to facilitate innovative and diversified digital financial services.

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