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Our Vision

Our Vision

Expedite Digital Transformation with State-of-the-Art Technology

TPIsoftware is the no. 1 FinTech software company in Taiwan providing proprietary enterprise service middle platform DigiFusion and conversational AI product series SysTalk.ai domestically and overseas. TPIsoftware offers comprehensive software solutions and cloud services to respond to the increasing cloud migration needs. We have extensive cross-national project experiences and ensure high security, high execution and high reliability of development, helping global businesses act with agility to adapt to local market changes and succeed in digital transformation. Receiving several global awards, we are trusted by customers across industries such as BFSI, government, retail, e-commerce, manufacturing, healthcare and more for our robust R&D capability.

Core Values

Core Values

Trust, Perfection and Innovation are the DNA of TPIsoftware

  • We are committed to building trusted solutions tailored to our customers’ needs.



  • We are a professional team with extensive experience to work hand in hand with you.



  • We address digital transformation challenges and envision the future through innovation.





Extensive Expertise & Top-Notch Development

  • No. 1 Enterprise Software Solution Provider in Taiwan: Our two proprietary software product lineups honored with Taiwan Excellence Awards and eight digital transformation domains empower you to act responsively and unlock new business models.
  • Top Choice for International Businesses: We have subsidiaries in Singapore, Vietnam, Japan and Thailand with strategic partnerships across Southeast Asia and Northeast Asia to provide local technical support and help you expand your business overseas.
  • Leading Tech & Top-Notch Talents: We have the latest technologies of cloud and on-premises and top talents to help you go beyond the physical and virtual environments, embrace cloud economy, increase competitiveness, and lead the way to innovation and transformation.
Professional Team

Professional Team

We Make A Great Teamto Make a Big Splash

Our passion for building exceptional software products with the “Think Power” spirit is at the heart of our great achievements, making us the award-winning and globally recognized software leader.

Professional Team

Let Our Expertise and Devotion

Be the Driving Force of Your Digital Transformation

  • An enterprise service middleware featuring one-stop API management and log management to facilitate collaborative ecosystems and operational efficiency.

  • An AI-driven collaboration service enabling a smart enterprise by freeing up employees’ time for high-value works and optimizing business processes.

  • FinTech


    Internet & Mobile Banking and DevOps solutions shaping the future of FinTech

  • Finance & Mobile

    Finance & Mobile

    Cutting-edge Push Notifications and CBDC solutions to innovate mobile financial services

  • AIoT & Data

    AIoT & Data

    Disruptive GIS and BNPL solutions to level up business and financial services

  • Innovative Application

    Innovative Application

    All-round BPM solution to optimize business process for optimal efficiency

  • InsurTech


    Innovative InsureBrick insurance modular platform and InsureRing Rules Auto Validation to empower insurers

  • Smart Health

    Smart Health

    A Web/App cross-platform Interactive Health Management solution for health and wellbeing

  • DX & UI/UX Design

    DX & UI/UX Design

    One-stop custom UI/UX design solutions for Web/App to meet user needs and maximum business value

  • Digital Technology

    Digital Technology

    Digital technology solutions, implementation and broad tech stack to achieve corporate ESG&SDGs goals



We Inspire Innovationto Help Businesses Thrive in the Digital Era

Awards & Recognition

We Strive for Excellence to Surge Forward