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Tired of spending too much time on MongoDB management? Download digiMars free of charge to use with MongoDB Community Edition and enjoy a full range of management services: performance indicators, monitoring, alarms, backup and restoration. MongoDB training and consulting services are also provided, including planning, design, technical services, and maintenance, as well as operation, performance optimization, and troubleshooting. digiMars is a GUI interface for integration and monitoring that also provides extensive MongoDB support.
Cluster Structure Auto-DetectionCluster Structure
Performance MetricsPerformance
Data Backup and RestorationData Backup
and Restoration
MongoDB System LogMongoDB
System Log
Customizable DashboardCustomizable
System AlertsSystem Alerts
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Download digiMars free of charge and equip your Community Edition MongoDB with a comprehensive management platform. Enjoy a full range of management tools such as performance indicators, monitoring, alarms, backup and restoration.
Improve Team Performance
Perfect for team collaboration and report sharing.
MongoDB Consulting Service
Our certified MongoDB professional team provides training and consulting services, including database design, on-site technical services, MongoDB migration, performance optimization, disaster recovery, troubleshooting, security enhancement, and more.
Improve your Efficiency
Customized dashboards and auto-detection significantly improve your work efficiency. digiMars simplifies your everyday database monitoring.
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