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    ISO 27001 Certification Achieved

    Best Practice for Open Data Governance

    digiRunner Enterprise API Management Platform

    digiRunner Enterprise API Management Platform features full API lifecycle management in compliance with OpenAPI specification and security standards of OAuth2.0 and OIDC. Tailored for Open Banking, Smart Government and enterprise system integration, it provides a secure environment for API management, analysis, deployment and more to empower API-First strategy.

    Seamless Deployment Across Multiple Environments

    API Management: The Catalyst for Digital Transformation

    Designed for seamless and flexible deployment across both on-premises and clouds, digiRunner supports Kubernetes architecture and operates in distributed environments to streamline API integration for enterprises’ modern systems. Enabling dynamic, reliable and efficient API management, digiRunner reduces IT operational costs, expedites service rollout, and paves the way for successful digital transformation for enterprises.

    Strategize Your Data Exchange

    Reimagine Industry Ecosystems with API Management

    API Management Platform

    Five Applications to Catalyze Digital Transformation

    Today's businesses strive for efficiency, flexibility and innovation to navigate competition. With a comprehensive API management platform, enterprises can strategically propel their business forward, optimize resource allocation and accelerate innovation, staying ahead of the curve in the evolving digital landscape. The strong capabilities offer tangible benefits across the board—from developers and IT teams to business units—building momentum for digital transformation.

    API Gateway

    One-stop API integration management to ensure speed and security in data exchange.

    Legacy System Refactoring

    Enhanced system performance with long-term maintenance flexibility through APIs and microservices.

    Middle Platform

    Unified applications and service platforms to boost operational efficiency for enterprise resources.

    Heterogeneous System Integration

    Seamless data conversion and consolidation to break down information silos and facilitate information exchange.

    Open API Applications

    Open APIs for driving service innovation and unlock new business opportunities.

    Flexible Deployment

    Pioneering API Management : Four Exclusive Mechanisms

    Responsive Cache

    Assessing backend status before cache operations to achieve optimal system performance.

    Adaptive Load Balance

    Built-in load balance with intuitive configuration and real-time activation to ensure system stability and reliability.

    Parallel Processing

    Non-blocking operations to enhance API processing efficiency with multiple APIs processed in parallel.


    Adaptive auto-scaling in peak/off-peak hours with auto scale-up or scale-down to ensure uninterrupted services.

    API Composer

    Rapid Value-Added API Development

    The API Composer enables developers to change diverse API formats and compose APIs with simple drag-and-drop gestures. It further serves as the intermediary for data transformation and connectivity, fostering hassle-free API orchestration.

    Sandbox for API Mock Test

    Risk-Free Development

    API sandbox offers a secure environment for testers to define mock data, allowing for fast testing and parallel frontend and backend development.

    API Console

    All-Inclusive API Monitoring

    API Console provides complete visibility of API activities and trajectories with logs viewed in one interface when testing or troubleshooting external APIs.

    Your Robust Data Security Safeguard

    digiRunner adopts OAuth 2.0 authentication, OpenID Connect (OIDC) and API Key for authentication, with mTLS and JWT key encryption to safeguard data. It further provides external domain URL settings and integration with hardware security modules (HSM).

    100% Compliance with Financial Examination
    One-Stop Compliance Services to Mitigate Transaction Risks

    Featuring robust architectural design and secure data exchange mechanisms, digiRunner ensures hassle-free API management and safeguards your financial activities such as credit approvals and fund transfers. Consider us your trusted partner to succeed in financial examination in 100% regulatory compliance!

    Trusted By Customers Across Industries

    Success Stories

      Cash Business API Management Platform

      Built an API management platform for Taishin Bank with digiRunner integrating complex cash management modules, which enables easier multi-channel payment collection and significantly reduces accounting time for enterprise customers. The platform was awarded “The Innovators 2020 Cash Management” by Global Finance magazine.

      API Management Platform

      Assisted Taipei City Government in integrating fragmented data across heterogeneous systems with API management platform to facilitate Open Government initiatives, innovate, maximize open data value-added applications and increase public participation. API management consulting and establishment was provided through implementation across its bureaus and agencies.

      API Service Management Platform

      Built an API management platform on the cloud for Pharmacity with digiRunner, stimulating the e-commerce model through API strategy. The platform enables integration, management and monitoring of third-party APIs, which further delivers high-quality, efficient and convenient services, and facilitates retail pharmacy ecosystem to attract new partners and expand business opportunities.

    Unlocking Innovation with API Management