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  • Full API lifecycle management to facilitate management, analysis and deployment of APIs

  • Consistent API gateway to seamlessly integrate system services and collaborate with partners

  • The best way to expand your business and succeed in digital transformation

How Can digiRunner Help You Develop New Business Models?

  • BFSI
  • Government
  • E-commerce & Retail
  • Manufacturing
  • Transportation & Logistics
  • BFSI

    In response to rapidly evolving financial services, complex banking services can be integrated through an API management platform, making operations easier for corporate clients of the bank. resource integration and availability of internal systems can also be enhanced, allowing banks to achieve business goals in a secure environment.

  • Government

    With API management platform, the integration of data from heterogeneous systems across various bureaus and agencies will be enhanced in governments. TPIsoftware’s team can help with establishment of API management systems for governments of all levels, facilitating the Open Data policy of the public sector.

  • E-commerce & Retail
    E-commerce & Retail

    E-commerce purchase process requires connection of the member system, payment options, personal data protection, data security and more, and API management platform can fit the needs for API management and report, allowing e-commerce to respond to the changing market promptly.

  • Manufacturing

    As the manufacturing industry is undergoing digitalization with growing adoption of IoT, the ununified APIs of drive systems have made management much more challenging; an API management tool can foster the process toward smart manufacturing, helping IT professionals monitor, analyze and integrate APIs used in production.

  • Transportation & Logistics
    Transportation & Logistics

    To make efficient dispatch and delivery operations, transportation and logistics industries can connect with ports, shipping services and customs through an API management platform for data interoperability and digitization. API management also enables the industries to expand business scope and provide secure and easy-to-use services.


digiRunner Saves You
the Hassle of API Management

Featuring full API lifecycle management, digiRunner optimizes your APIM and development efficiency.

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Comprehensive API Management Functions

Application Architecture
  • Application Architecture

    Serving as an API management middleware, digiRunner connects Apps, application systems, third-party platforms and more to manage, publish and deploy APIs as well as monitor system usage with data security mechanisms such as authorization and traffic control.

  • Data Security Control

    digiRunner supports OAuth authentication and API key authorization with data security mechanisms such as mTLS certificate and JWT key encryption, and provides external domain URL settings and hardware security module (HSM) interfacing.

  • Deployment Method

    Compatible with Windows and Linux operating systems, digiRunner can be deployed across on-premises, clouds or hybrid, and installed on virtual machines (VM) or containers.

  • API Development

    digiRunner provides API design and composition and supports diverse formats for conversion, which allows you to create APIs by drag-and-drop gestures. Deployed on the platform, digiRunner empowers the integration of backend systems.

  • API Management

    In compliance with OAS 2.0, 3.0, RESTful API and API testing, digiRunner can integrate existing APIs through registration of Swagger documents, and provides user traffic and API quota control.

  • Comprehensive API Management

    digiRunner consists of three parts: an API Gateway for gateway management, an Admin Console for organizations to manage APIs, and an API Portal for external partners to access, offering all-round API management.

Key Features of digiRunner APIM Platform

  • VIP Benefits

    VIP Benefits

    User priority setting to enable high-priority clients to execute APIs with shorter wait time

  • Anomaly Alerts

    Anomaly Alerts

    Automatic email alerts for API anomalies with LINE and other communication service integration

  • Log Record & Management

    Log Record & Management

    Complete logs with statistics and analysis dashboard

  • Black/Whitelisting Control

    Black/Whitelisting Control

    Secure APIs with two-level protection: router software layer and platform IP check

digiRunner is Your Data Security Safeguard

  • Routers


    Load balancing and traffic quota to achieve high availability

  • Mutual TLS Authentication

    Mutual TLS Authentication

    mTLS for authentication to ensure communication confidentiality and reliability

  • WAF-Level Security

    WAF-Level Security

    WAF security to safeguard against malicious activities and OWASP top 10 vulnerabilities

  • Authentication


    OAuth 2.0 and access token for authentication mechanisms

  • Authorization


    API key authorization available for single or multiple API clients as well as API groups

  • Traffic Control

    Traffic Control

    API quota setting to monitor Transactions Per Second (TPS)

  • Security Control

    Security Control

    IP whitelisting and blacklisting to validate API clients

  • Data Integrity

    Data Integrity

    Automatic checking for bottom layer security to prevent data tampering during transactions

  • Data Security Management

    Data Security Management

    Duplicate transactions prevention and data encryption to ensure secure transaction process

Success Stories

    Cash Business API Management Platform

    Built an API management platform for Taishin Bank with digiRunner integrating complex cash management modules, which enables easier multi-channel payment collection and significantly reduces accounting time for enterprise customers. The platform was awarded “The Innovators 2020 Cash Management” by Global Finance magazine.

    API Management Platform

    Assisted Taipei City Government in integrating fragmented data across heterogeneous systems with API management platform to facilitate Open Government initiatives, innovate, maximize open data value-added applications and increase public participation. API management consulting and establishment was provided through implementation across its bureaus and agencies.

    API Service Management Platform

    Built an API management platform on the cloud for Pharmacity with digiRunner, stimulating the e-commerce model through API strategy. The platform enables integration, management and monitoring of third-party APIs, which further delivers high-quality, efficient and convenient services, and facilitates retail pharmacy ecosystem to attract new partners and expand business opportunities.

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