• What is Log Management?

      Empowering IT Operations with Efficiency and Strategy

      System logs serve as the digital footprints of the IT world, meticulously recording every action taken by systems and devices, revealing who did what and when. Log Management is a comprehensive strategy that integrates, collects, standardizes, analyzes, and preserves all log data within an organization.

    • digiLogs
      Centralized Log Management Platform

      Essential Monitoring Tool in a Microservices Architecture

      Amidst the digital transformation, enterprise systems are gradually transitioning from monolithic to microservices architecture. With multiple services operating independently, a vast amount of log data accompanies this shift, making it more challenging to identify and address issues.
      In light of this, achieving real-time monitoring and swift issue identification emerges as the cornerstone for enterprises aiming to enhance service performance. Implementing a Centralized Log Management Platform, fortified with advanced features such as visual network topology correlation, end-to-end status monitoring, and event alerts for intricate conditions, enables prompt issue detection, streamlined log analysis, and seamless compliance with audit and regulatory requirements.

    Governance Dilemmas for Modern Microservices Systems

    digiLogs Delves Deep to Effectively Resolve

    • Equipment requires upgrading, yet lacks budgetary justification?

    • System complexity soaring heightens challenges for IT/OT collaboration and communication?

    • Increased business complexity results in reduced process management efficiency?

    • Difficulties in tracing the source require extensive mobilization to address?

    Efficiency Redefined: Transforming Time-Consuming Manual Issue Identification

    Breaks Through System Analysis Bottlenecks
    with Tracing Technology

    Troubleshooting is much more difficult with the development of modern distributed systems and microservices architectures. digiLogs harnesses the power of Distributed Tracing to revolutionize issue resolution efficiency. Coupled with Root Cause Analysis, it empowers businesses to pinpoint and swiftly resolve issues, resulting in a remarkable reduction in repair time and a substantial enhancement in overall operational efficiency.

    Diverse Detection Mechanism: One-Stop Integration for Digital Traces

    • Agent-based

      Collect system-wide logs in real time, uninterruptedly to ensure that each record is accurately retained.

    • Agentless

      Capture the key performance metrics of the system hosts for easy visibility into system status.

    • API Collector

      Log and monitor API calls, rigorously safeguarding sensitive data throughout the collection process to effectively prevent unauthorized access.

    Two Key Functions: Precise Guidance

    • EDR

      Holistic System Monitor Topology

      See Through the Problem at a Glance

      • Comprehensive monitoring with visual endpoints.
      • Identify the root cause of issues instantly and accurately.
      • digiLogs analytics can be used as part of SIEM security management.
    • RCA

      Easily Navigate and Promptly Respond to Anomalies

      Debug in 2 Minutes, Recover Efficiently

      • Comprehensively collect and correlate system logs.
      • Quickly trace the root cause of issues through contextual queries.
      • Effectively reduce the average Mean Time To Repair (MTTR).。

    Six Modules: Enhanced Monitoring

    The digiLogs Centralized Log Management Platform supports indiscriminate collection of over 55 system data formats. It provides parsing logic, log data extraction and retention, along with diverse query mechanisms—full-text search, keyword search, and tracing correlation search. Coupled with visual reports and digital dashboards, the platform not only ensures the integrity of enterprise logs but also enhances IT operational efficiency, ensuring uninterrupted business operations.

    • Log Extraction

      Integrate and support various devices and system logs, normalize and reduce data volume

    • Data Integration Management

      Optimize data management settings for better operational efficiency

    • Access Control

      Ensure access control based on roles and job levels

    • Customized Analysis Report

      Provide flexible & various statistical analysis reports

    • Hybrid Monitoring & Alert

      Support 10,000+ EPS with hybrid alerts

    • Admin Console

      Visualize real-time status of active & passive monitoring systems

    Relieve the Hassle of Developing Proprietary Log System

    One-Stop Solution: From Evaluation, Installation to Maintenance

    Visual Reports and Intuitive Operations

    Full Control of Log Management at Your Fingertips

    digiLogs, Your Critical Weapon

    For ISO 27001 Compliance!

    Throughout the process of log collection and transmission, we employ SSL/mTLS, RSA encryption techniques, and private key decryption verification mechanisms to achieve Non-repudiation of Origin and ensure the Integrity of Information. This not only equips the system with scalability and high availability but also guarantees disaster recovery capability in anomalous circumstances. As a result, the platform significantly enhances information security, aiding enterprises in successfully passing ISO 27001 audits.

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    digiLogs Professional Implementation Consulting Team

    Assisting Organizations in Comprehensive Log Management Strategy Planning

    We assist enterprises in facing diverse system log challenges, from pre-system assessment to post-project optimization. We are committed to supporting our customers with excellence and expertise at every stage.

    • Holistic Data Aggregation for Organizational Systems

    • Insights and Interpretations Unveiled by Expert Team

    • Log Data Optimization and Extraction

    • One-Stop Centralized Monitoring and Management

    • Targets Precisely Achieved

    Tailored for Enterprises

    Success Stories

    • Log Mgmt Custom Integration

      digiLogs assists Bank A collecting system data, and then integrating, analyzing and redefining the data and presenting it on a single platform. It is divided into different levels of authority, and through the transaction path map, identify the problem promptly when a problem occurs in the system. It synchronizedly and automatically sends the alerts to IT personnel to speed up the search for the problem and repair it.

    • Centralized Log Management

      Cathay Life Insurance needs to access 6TB of log data per month. Through the fast-horizontal expansion framework (parsing) of digiLogs, it can integrate multiple system data with operational records, further integrate, analyze, and import it into the same platform to easily manage a large number of daily increased data.

    • Log Mgmt for Online Banking

      The client’s banking system generates massive amounts of log data up to 50GB (about 1.5TB/month). The old system has limited maintenance capabilities and is difficult to cope with the increasingly complex management requirements. After implementing digiLogs, with its single-interface cross-platform log query, traffic monitoring, visual report statistics, and real-time alarms, the management efficiency improved drastically.