Manage Your Massive Log Data with One Browse
Improve your efficiency with a centralized log management platform.
digiLogs integrates log data from multiple systems, eliminating the hassle of finding each trivial log record. digiLogs also offers a log query function that helps you rapidly and accurately identify problems, as well as visualized analytical charts so that logs can be monitored and managed with ease. Furthermore, with digiLogs alert component, alert emails or messages are triggered when systems encounter abnormalities or system errors.
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A Centralized Log Management Platform for Enterprises
Easily identify problems and collect information with a centralized log management platform covering NetCom equipment, OSs, HTTP servers, and databases, supporting Syslog, Error log, Event log, and JDBC.
Analyze Logs Effortlessly
digiLogs provides multi-angle reports, data retrieval, and cross-system searches indexed by case number. Get complete transaction process analyses of all front and backend logs, with comprehensive charts for instant data visualization.
Monitor with Ease
Easily monitor your system with real-time data dashboards and visual graphs for your log traffic.
Save Time & Reduce Costs
The digiLogs Log Search component offers cross-system unified log queries, including full-text and customized log search, speeding up your work significantly.
Detect Errors Instantly
Stay ahead with visualized analytical and statistical charts and receive automated alert emails or messages when errors are detected.
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