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Take the next step into the world of AI!
Empower your work with and witness how the latest AI technology can accelerate work processes and reduce costs.

Next-Generation Conversational Platform

SysTalk.Chat uses NLU, FAQ and FLOW core modules to form a dual-brain, single-process architecture. Paired with AI, it provides smart and user-friendly conversational services. The dual brain technology can identify users' demands and satisfy their requests much more directly.

Process Automation Services

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is hailed as the easiest digital workforce solution of the 21st century. Through lightweight programming and a decentralized deployment architecture, automation is extended to various processes in the enterprise to increase productivity.

DigiFusion Enterprise Service Middleware

100% Compliance with Financial Sector's Needs

A service middleware built with microservices and PaaS architecture enabling speedy application development with high flexibility and scalability. Experience the powerful middleware featuring an integration of consistent development framework, API management, BPM, centralized log management, FIDO authentication and other modules with CI/CD!

Develop, Deploy and Manage your APIs with Ease!

digiRunner is an enterprise-level API service management platform supporting a 100% OpenAPI architecture. Develop, deploy, and monitor all your APIs on a single platform. digiRunner integrates API development design, deployment release, monitoring management and system integration to accelerate innovation and manage quality between ecosystems efficiently.

Manage your Massive Log Data with One Browse

digiLogs integrates log data from multiple systems, eliminating the hassle of finding each trivial log record. Manage your massive log data with a centralized log management platform. digiLogs also offers a log query function that helps you rapidly and accurately identify problems, as well as visualized analytical charts so that logs can be monitored and managed with ease.

The New Era of MongoDB Management

Tired of spending too much time on MongoDB management?
Stop inefficiency and start managing MongoDB with ease. digiMars monitoring tool provides you with performance metrics, dashboard views, customized alerts, data backup, restoration and more. digiMars can help you to concentrate on more important projects and to spend less time on database management.