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Cloud Service Holistic Integration ⬝ Flexible Deployment

Embrace the Future of Cloud to Stay Ahead of the Game

Helping businesses achieve agile system conversion for enhanced deployment flexibility, data security, regulatory compliance with reduced security risks and IT costs, TPIsoftware provides one-stop cloud implementation services, including cloud migration, system integration, machine learning, maintenance management, cloud managed service and more to create new business values through innovative digitalization.

Embrace the Future of Cloud to Stay Ahead of the Game

Move from On-Premise to Cloud for the Future

  • Modern Infrastructure

    Modern Infrastructure

    Legacy infrastructure often hinders businesses from transformation. We help you modernize your IT architecture to kickstart digital transformation.

  • Flexible Implementation

    Flexible Implementation

    With cloud implementation and our comprehensive cloud migration support, we help your transformation more agile and efficient.

  • Transformation Scale

    Transformation Scale

    Cloud service provides a stable and reliable infrastructure, with good efficacy and steady services to facilitate businesses’ transformation.

  • Security Compliance

    Security Compliance

    We have regulatory compliance mechanisms to meet regional data security regulations for the financial industry.

Let’s Work


Formulate On-Premise to Cloud Migration Strategies

To stay on top of fast-changing markets, digital transformation has become a must for many industries. We are an expert of cloud and on-premises technologies, providing cloud services with high flexibility, high efficiency and high security. With our deployment strategy, system integration and cloud consulting, we help you build up resilience and adaptiveness.

We Help You Migrate to the Cloud
Even for Non Cloud-Native Architecture

Cloud Service Solution

  • Cloud Enterprise<br />Middle Platform

    Cloud Enterprise
    Middle Platform

    Optimize customer experience & accelerate innovation

    DigiFusion is a full-fledged cloud service and data exchange middle platform built with microservices and PaaS architecture, featuring APIM, BPM, centralized log management, FIDO authentication and more with CI/CD. It enables speedy application development with high flexibility and scalability to empower businesses.

  • Hybrid & Multi-cloud<br />Integration

    Hybrid & Multi-cloud

    Flexible system integration for service upgrades

    We provide private cloud security management and rapid deployment of public cloud. We ensure regulatory compliance with high fault tolerance and data transmission confidentiality, and enable smooth operation of architecture integration and data management in the cloud and on-premises.

  • Anthos Cross-cloud<br />Management Platform

    Anthos Cross-cloud
    Management Platform

    Cross-cloud integration for architecture modernization

    Implementating Anthos for unified application builds, deployment and operation in the cloud environments, which automates infrastructure management, accelerates modernization of application migration, and improves security. We provide multi-cloud consulting to help you enhance maintenance efficiency.

  • On-Premise Data Backup<br /><br />

    On-Premise Data Backup

    Ensure operational safety and reduce losses

    Regular backups, backup and disaster recovery plans in the cloud can replace the traditional physical backup center model to avoid building and maintenance costs. We provide professional planning and technical support to ensure uninterrupted services, operational security and risk mitigation.

  • SysTalk.RPAaaS<br />Process Automation

    Process Automation

    Multiple trigger methods to fit more scenarios

    RPAaaS uses lightweight programming and distributed deployment architecture to control processes in the cloud environment, making workflows builds and management available 24/7. It frees manpower from repetitive tasks with flexible and fast RPA deployment through cloud management center solution.

Industry Applications

  • BNPL One-Stop Solution

    BNPL One-Stop Solution

    Cloud-based modular platform to expand BNPL business

    As regulations vary across countries, cloud-based BNPL can better respond to localization needs. We’ve analyzed the BNPL characteristics in different countries, and adopted a low-coupling system architecture to enable system high availability in compliance with open banking regulations, helping businesses migrate to the cloud to quickly expand into global markets.

  • MLOps Collaboration Platform

    MLOps Collaboration Platform

    Strengthened data application for fast model deployment

    The platform uses data and machine learning to build behavioral risk models, addressing ML development and deployment challenges to accelerate ML productization and scale with shortened time from training to go-live. It also allows collaborations of different roles to enable easier maintenance of AI products and reduce operation costs.

  • E-Insurance Platform

    E-Insurance Platform

    InsurTech modular platform to fit the market trend

    InsureBrick, the leading insurance digital platform solution, utilizes cloud technology and microservice modules to connect businesses' existing systems or external systems, solving the digitalization pain points for traditional insurers with flexible combinations to innovate applications and meet the needs of fast insurance products roll-out.

  • New Retail Management System

    New Retail Management System

    Retail smart integration, OMO to create business opportunities

    A holistic cloud retail management system for each phase of retailer operations from merchandise, marketing, cash flow, logistics to after-sales service and more, helping brands optimize shopping experience with cloud strategies. The flexible system can respond to your business development in different stages.

  • RPA Hotel Management System

    RPA Hotel Management System

    Improve management efficiency for the tourism industry

    To ease the burden of receiving payment, cash flow, accounting and more for the tourism industry, RPA takes over routine tasks such as reconciliation, optimizes the operation process and reduces human error for audits. With cloud resources, digital management efficiency can be improved to facilitate productivity and high-quality services.

Service Process

One-Stop Professional Cloud Services

  • Consulting
  • Build
  • Managed Cloud
  • ISV
  • Maintenance

Success Stories

    PMD & 360 Performance Review System

    Assisted Cathay Financial Holdings in integrating the performance review systems of 8 companies. Through migrating a part of data to the cloud, cross-system data synchronization issues are solved without the need to consider IT infrastructure, which further speeds up data analysis, saves time and storage, and improves system efficiency.

    Cloud Event System

    Assisted iPASS in implementing cloud services to optimize the technology, marketing and information security for online activities, as online activities were easily impacted by traffic. The system ensures smooth operation and becomes the best solution for online activities.