iPaaS Middle Platform

100% Compliance with Financial Sector's Needs

TPIsoftware is a promising option for enterprises looking for a secure and reliable integration middleware and API management platform to scale software-led innovation.

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DigiFusion Fuels Cloud Adoption in the Financial Sector

A highly scalable and flexible integration platform as a service (iPaaS) supporting deployment in cloud, on-premise or hybrid for finance, insurance and various industries.

  • Compatibility

    Bridging the gaps between legacy systems and modern ones to foster new technology adoption.

  • High Efficiency

    Fully integrated backend framework to support high concurrent traffic and non-blocking running.

  • Resource Integration

    Patented and adaptive resource allocations to increase flexibility in asset utilization.

  • Zero Downtime

    Patented load balance mechanism and red-black deployment strategy to ensure 100% SLA.

Turbocharge System Integration
for Core Modernization

Featuring DevOps and CI/CD, DigiFusion integrates API management, BPM and log management with deployment available across on-premise, cloud, hybrid and multi-cloud architectures. It connects with traditional ESB of large enterprises for data streaming, service integration and resource reusability, building business resilience for strategic advantage.

How DigiFusion Has Outshone the Others

Software Development with Microservices Architecture

  • Microservices Development Framework

    DigiFusion achieves high availability with K8S and comes with Backend for Frontend (BFF) of microservices architecture, with patented auto-scaling to enable deployment flexibility.

  • Authentication Integration Module

    Providing identification and security mechanisms for access control, data encryption and single sign-on integrations, with organizational hierarchy management to ensure data security.

  • API Management Module

    API-first and cloud-native architecture to fit different scenarios and the needs for building an integration platform to facilitate the adoption of digital technology.

  • Log & Audit Management

    Recording all logs across systems or APs with centralized management, real-time monitoring and alert, which allows IT personnel to quickly identify and analyze issues for troubleshooting.

  • Protocol Integration Module

    DigiFusion addresses data transformation and protocol change from core banking systems or obsolete mainframes, and serves as the replacement for ESB to ensure high availability and reliability of the system.

  • SLA-Guaranteed Infrastructure

    Featuring API cache, load-balance, concurrent running and containerization to ensure stable and uninterrupted performance of each API, service, channel and deployment to deliver 100% SLA.

A Full-Fledged iPaaS
Is the Backbone of FinTech

As business evolves, legacy system modernization has become a priority for the BFSI sector. DigiFusion, an integration platform, is built to address your pain points of building, managing and connecting services.

  • Service-ability

    Microservices and DevOps for fast release

  • Governance

    Heterogeneous integration and data transformation for better service flexibility

  • Connectivity

    Simplified system connection, data transformation and service creation

  • Security

    Multiple authentication methods and authorization for robust security

  • Scalability

    Platform and hybrid architecture for scalable system performance

Accelerate Innovation and Achieve Service Scaling
with Powerful Integration Middle Platform

The Ultimate Integration Middle Platform

The DigiFusion lineup features three solutions: API management, log management and big data management.

  • digiRunner: Enterprise-Level API Management Platform

    100% compliant with OpenAPI Specification (OAS), digiRunner provides complete API lifecycle management tools for development, deployment, monitoring, access control, data security and more with varied analytics reports for efficient API management.

  • digiLogs:One-Stop Log Management Platform

    Integrating log data across systems, digiLogs saves you the headache of searching logs for fast troubleshooting with visualized analytics reports to provide insights at a glance. The alert mechanism supports Email, SNMP and more for anomaly detection.

  • digiMars: Big Data Management Platform

    digiMars monitoring tool provides you with performance metrics, dashboard views, customized alerts, data backup, restoration and more, helping you concentrate on higher-value works and spend less time on database management.