GreenSwift Sustainability Management Platform

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Your Pathway to Net-Zero Goals

Build an ESG Ecosystem for Green Transformation

Climate change has driven green initiatives of businesses globally. The GreenSwift platform features sustainable IT management as the core, and provides carbon footprint verification, carbon management, as well as data collection, calculation, analysis and verification for ESG data management. Integrating external consultants and third-party verification teams, we help enterprises prepare for information disclosure, emission reduction, carbon trading and more to achieve sustainable development goals.

Achieve ESG Goals with Carbon Data Management Strategies

Ace trends and regulatory compliance for carbon footprint verification.
  • Data Integration

    Manage Scattered Data

    Integrate data across different locations, departments, and years for effective cost and risk control

  • Cloud Collaboration

    Convenient & Efficient

    Store and sync data in real time for teams to work together with robust data security

  • Streamline Process

    Systematic Verification & Access

    Provide systematic process guidance and role-based access control for verification with reduced cost

  • Regulatory Compliance

    Align with Framework

    Feature the latest CEF database and report templates for verification and ensure regulatory compliance

Data-Driven Decarbonization

We provide an open, transparent data collection and analysis process to help enterprises disclose ESG data and improve corporate sustainability transparency.

  • Seamless Data Collection & Verification: Collect data from multiple sources and ensure accuracy and completeness through rigorous procedures for decision-making.
  • Data Visualization: Convert data into understandable charts for better analysis and interpretation.
  • Accurate Emission Calculation: Constant verification and audit in compliance with standards, regulations or principles for accurate calculation.

Application Framework

We provide one-stop ESG data integration services to help you build a carbon footprint verification process with integration of external consultants and verification teams.

Cloud Services for Sustainability Data

    Carbon Footprint Verification

    Process Guidance & Documentation

      Verification Plan Setting

      Verification Registration

      Boundary Setting

      Reports Generation

      Emission Source Validation

      Internal & External Verification

    Carbon Footprint

    Quantification & Documentation of Product Carbon Footprint

      Objective & Scope

      Verification Registration

      Impact Assessment

      Results Interpretation & Reporting

    Carbon Management

    Data Analysis & Emission Reduction Management

      Global Factor Database

      Historical Data Import / Management

      Emission Hotspot Analysis

      Emission Reduction Target Suggestions

      Emission Reduction Target Management

    ESG Data Management

    Internal & External ESG Data Collection & Disclosure

      Internal ESG Data Management

      ESG Report Templates

      Supplier Sustainability Data Management

      Green Investment Reference

Carbon Management & Emission Reduction

  • Hotspot Analysis

    Examine sources of carbon emissions through visualization tools to formulate emission reduction goals and management.

  • Carbon Reduction Strategy

    Provide carbon reduction goal suggestions based on global standards and analysis to develop strategies.

  • Goal Management

    Set carbon management goals, track progress and analyze data in real time through visual charts and interfaces.