Embark on Your Digital Transformation Journey

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  • We understand clients’ needs for system development through professional consultation and demand interviews, and help them identify their digital transformation goals with our extensive experiences to address their pain points.

    Pain Point Identification

  • Digital transformation can be a long journey. We work with our clients throughout the development process, make sure everything is on the right track from the initial phase to go-live and overcome implementation challenges, helping them achieve the best results.

    Professional Team

  • We help our clients go beyond digital transformation; our comprehensive solutions empower our clients with extended applications in various fields to respond to the changing market and future development needs.

    Practical Application

Enterprise-Ready Software Solutions

We bring together business trends and digital transformation strategies to unleash your vast potential.

  • Internet & Mobile Banking

    Internet & Mobile Banking

    Transform Financial Services through Digitalization

    Increasing operational efficiency and performance through modular financial services, flexible API design and efficient collaboration with comprehensive transaction and security control mechanisms to meet regulatory compliance.

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  • DevOps Solution

    DevOps Solution

    Optimize Development for the Best Delivery

    Optimizing collaboration between development and IT operations. By automating continuous integration and deployment, DevOps increases the efficiency and reliability of software building, testing and delivery.

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  • Smart Push Notifications

    Smart Push Notifications

    Upgrade Messaging Strategy to Boost Customer Experience

    A cross-platform push notification and broadcast platform for marketing and product information to meet cross-screen consumer habits. It allows you to send interactive and personalized messages at the right time, improving customer loyalty and adhesion.

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  • Buy Now Pay Later

    Buy Now Pay Later

    Ride the Wave of Digital Finance

    We have overseas BNPL project experience and the know-how of local markets to provide expansion plans, implementation, business model integration and more, helping you go live quickly.

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  • GIS Solution

    GIS Solution

    Envision Business Success with Data-Driven Decision Making

    GIS-enabled spatial data analysis and location intelligence tools to enhance business decision-making and forecasting for financial precision services, environmental planning, equipment and resource allocation.

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  • SysTalk.Detect

    SysTalk.Detect AI Claims Processing

    Enter a New Era of Claims Processing with AI

    Use natural language technologies to analyze medical certificates and documents and empower smart claims processing; save labor costs, maximize operational efficiency, and continuously optimize model accuracy to provide the best claims calculation results.

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  • Tribis-BPM


    Reimagine the Future with Optimized Processes

    A lightweight process engine compliant with BPMN 2.0. Featuring dynamic forms and flexible process design, it supports various advanced processes and applications without restrictions on brand specifications and is available for highly flexible customization.

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  • Interactive Health Management Platform

    Interactive Health Management Platform

    Manage Health and Wellness Smartly

    Integrating smartphones with IoT devices, gamification, marketing activities and reward functions to provide optimized health management and raise wellbeing awareness.

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  • InsureBrick InsurTech Modular Platform

    InsureBrick InsurTech Modular Platform

    Capture the Market with Insurance Digitalization

    A lightweight and multi-functional modular middleware built with microservice architecture, API compliance and system scalability to meet diverse application needs.

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  • InsureRing Rules Automatic Validation

    InsureRing Rules Automatic Validation

    A Management Transformation to Address Future Challenges

    A new form of automatic validation for flexible insurance product launch, underwriting rules adjustment and regulatory compliance with enhanced scalability for various insurance platforms for better efficiency of insurance product management.

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  • UX/UI Design

    UX/UI Design

    Put Users First to Create Extraordinary Design

    Provide planning, prototyping, interface design and implementation with a user-centered mindset to help you improve online and offline end user experience, master cross-screen contact points, and create optimal customer experience.

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