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We Help You Scale BNPL Services

The swiftness of BNPL implementation is the key to enhancing customer adhesion. Providing supports of scaling planning, system implementation and business models integration, TPIsoftware’s professional team helps you cater to your target local customers and go live promptly with extensive experience in system design and architecture.

Comprehensive BNPL Payment Model

Create a Flexible & Secure One-Stop BNPL Platform
  • Speedy Innovation

    Low-Coupling Architecture

    Stackable monolithic architecture for independent deployment, reusable and replaceable components to enable HA for banks

  • Cloud-Based

    Modular Platform

    Self-maintenance, optimization and new functions to enable flexible development for the cloud modular banks

  • Connections

    External Technology Selection

    Login authentication & credit scoring compliant with regulations and business logic to provide tech evaluation and selection of external services

  • Seamless Integration

    Complete System Development

    Comprehensive development of frontend, mid-end and backend with integration of third-party enterprise systems to quickly enter the market

Application Framework

We build all-round system design to enable fast implementation of BNPL business model.

BNPL Scenarios

  • E-Wallet x BNPL

    E-Wallet x BNPL E-Wallet x BNPL

    Connection within existing e-wallet infrastructure with simplified implementation process for both online and offline channels, just like connecting e-commerce

  • E-Commerce Platform x BNPL

    E-Commerce Platform x BNPL E-Commerce Platform x BNPL

    A structure designed with business logic and e-commerce model to reduce coupling of core systems and flexibly respond to market demands

  • Cash Flow Platform x BNPL

    Cash Flow Platform x BNPL Cash Flow Platform x BNPL

    Allowing better cooperation with various brands to offer online and offline services with optimized customer experience

  • Self-Owned Offline Channel x BNPL

    Self-Owned Offline Channel x BNPL Self-Owned Offline Channel x BNPL

    Direct services provided by financial service providers to precisely reach the target group with more cooperation choices to stay agile

TPIsoftware Helps You Stay One Step Ahead

  • Expert in International Collaboration

    We have rich global BNPL success cases and resources to help you develop overseas BNPL markets.

  • FinTech Ecosystem

    Our established FinTech ecosystem in SEA is your first step toward the BNPL market in SEA.

  • Professional System Integration

    We assist you in all aspects such as merchant selection, project management, third-party management, integration, technology and more.

  • 24/7 Support

    Our 24/7 maintenance support helps you create seamless customer experience.