DevOps Solution

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DevOps Solution

Why DevOps Matters

Achieve Quality & Speed of Delivery with DevOps

DevOps aims to address the collaboration challenges between developers and operations team, push innovation and constantly improve processes. By automating continuous product rollout and updates, DevOps ensures real-time troubleshooting and reliable delivery.

DevOps Serves as a Driving Force of Seamless Collaboration

DevOps can balance “development” and “deployment”, increasing the efficiency and reliability of software building, testing and delivery.
  • Problem Analysis

    Expert Evaluation

    Conduct tailored elicitation, evaluation and analysis to identify issues and plan implementation

  • Holistic Integration

    Integrate Every Need

    Integrate request, delivery and test items in every phase of the project

  • Progressive Implementation

    Automated Phases

    Automate implementation stage by stage through development, testing, and tasks

  • Collaborative Teamwork

    Improved Collaboration

    Drive collaboration between teams with optimized process flows

Application Framework

The integration of CI/CD and DevOps expedites product iteration to provide optimized and updated services to users more quickly.

Progressive Implementation to Deliver High-Quality Outcomes

  • Fast Deployment

    Reduce redeployment time by 94% to enable quick updates and fixes of product features

  • Improved Collaboration

    Strengthen collaboration between Dev and Ops teams to provide faster product or business feedback

  • Better Quality

    Reduce development time while improve product quality and ensure security

DevOps Best Practices
We power up your teams and product development process.
  • Deployment Automation

  • Test Automation

  • Version Control

  • Release & Review

DevOps Scenarios

    Financial Institutions - DevOps & CI/CD

    Banks need to continuously update or build software systems in response to the rapid changes in the market, constant innovation of FinTech and regulatory compliance; how to quickly deploy, develop and iterate thus becomes the key to keeping pace with the market.

    The adoption of DevOps and CI/CD automation can greatly save time and effort of continuous integration, deployment, testing and version packaging in the hybrid development process, freeing up the manpower for logic development. Besides, the automated code review can facilitate anomaly detection in programs at the early stage to ensure the delivery quality.