GIS Geospatial Solution

Envision Business Success with Data-Driven Decision Making

Data-Driven Decision Making

GIS-Enabled Spatial Analysis

With GIS spatial data analysis and location intelligence tools, enterprises can visualize geographic information to create infographics for better analysis and decision-making. Effective data capture, consolidation and use are imperative; TPIsoftware has exceptional data technology and tools to enhance business decision-making and forecasting, providing optimized and competitive strategic platform information for financial precision services, environmental planning, equipment and resource allocation.

Diversified GIS Spatial Data Services

Realizing smart operations management and sustainable maintenance through project evaluation, implementation, heterogeneous data interfacing, real-time diagnosis and alert reminder mechanism, graphical interface monitoring and smart control.
  • Geospatial Visualization

    Graphics Engine

    A virtual-real integration platform combining 2D and 3D graphs to create a visual graphic interface for various geospatial analyses

  • Automatic Control

    Smart Automation Control

    Smart automatic control connections and mesurements to reduce deployment time of GIS solution

  • Alert Notification

    Secure Delivery & Early Warning

    Alerts and proactive notifications via email and instant messaging services for early warning; can be connected to security guard and police

  • Integration & Scalability

    Highly Scalable Design

    Fields and modules are all available for flexible configuration and scaling with data consolidation

Application Framework

We have the most professional team to build public/private cloud architecture for GIS Engine, and provide GIS strategic planning, system integration and infrastructure design.

We Provide the Best GIS Geospatial Technology

  • Data Team

    A professional team to analyze, interpret and integrate data across various systems for you

  • Integrated Interface

    Precise visual display of spatial data analysis results with GIS engine to facilitate business decision-making and forecasting

  • Sustainable Service

    Additional data application value-added services to quickly respond to market changes

Our Expertise in Both Spatial Analysis and Data Science
Builds the Best GIS Application Tailored for You
  • Financial Risk Forecasting

  • High-End Medical Examination

  • Smart Building Management

  • Real-Time Vehicle Tracking

Success Stories

    Smart Monitoring of Vehicles

    Collecting driver behavior data through GIS technology and electronic fence system to provide monitoring and trajectory data insights. Alerts will be sent when events such as overspeed, idling, and rapid acceleration occur, and customized reports integrated with business intelligence are also available.

    Insurance Subject GIS System

    Providing insurers with geographical information of insurance subject before underwriting, with login mechanism for access control; converting latitude and longitude to the Mercator projection with formula and customized layer of ArcGIS to provide geographical information, which can also be horizontally integrated with Google Dual Maps and Street View.

    Asset Management System

    Building management and smart monitoring adopting GIS technology and IoT to comply with the financial industry requirements. Space or object equipment management can be flexibly divided and integrated to enable a more reliable and secure asset management and achieve the goal of smart building.

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