Internet & Mobile Banking Cross-Platform Solution

Transform Financial Services through Digitalization

Unlock New Business Models for Banks

A Customer-Centric Approach to Financial Services

The evolving financial services market, expectations from new generation of customers and emerging key players all foster the digitization of banking business. By implementing innovative and comprehensive digital technology solutions, banks can not only create more touchpoints but also stimulate more financial services to meet varied market demands and stay competitive.

Banks’ First Choice to Build Innovative Applications

Increasing operational efficiency and performance through modular financial services, flexible API design and efficient collaboration with comprehensive transaction and security control mechanisms to meet regulatory compliance.
  • All-Round Model

    Hybrid Development

    Optimized user experience and cross-platform services with advantages of both Native and Web apps

  • Improved Security

    FIDO Authentication

    FIDO biometrics with public/private key pair to enable passwordless login

  • Circuit Breaker

    Circuit Breaker in Microservices

    Real-time monitoring with self-protection and stability to prevent avalanches

  • Flexible Scaling

    Modular Design

    Fault isolation and flexible scaling in high traffic to accelerate implementation and extend applications

Application Framework

Modular financial services enable fast implementation of internet banking and mobile banking for banks.

Transformative Banks, Transformative Services

  • Smooth Customer Experience

    Simplified development process to create comprehensive financial services

  • Smart Services

    User experience as the core with user-friendly interface and smart search to increase customer adhesion

  • Professional Development

    Compliant with SSDLC standard, our R&D team delivers the best services with robust data security for banks

Disruptive Technology Fosters New Digital Banking
Driving Digital Transformation for Financial Services Players
  • Currency Trading

  • Credit Card

  • Investment & Financial Management

  • Loan

  • Online Services

Success Stories

    Digital Banking (Internet & Mobile Banking)

    Teamed up with Standard Chartered to create a new visual interface for digital banks, offering more diversified features such as quick preview before login and real-time transaction push notifications to improve services for customers.

    Digital Banking System

    Assisted Taishin Bank in building the Richart digital banking system to create a new generation of Bank 3.0 services, providing customers with a new digital financial platform for smart purchases and high rewards.

    Card+ Credit Card Mobile App

    Assisted DBS Bank in building a credit card services app and website Card+ featuring fast login through fingerprint ID and personalization such as weather-based greetings for customers.

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