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Capture the Market with Insurance Digitalization






The Market is Changing Fast

How Can Insurance Providers Keep Up with It?

Same as FinTech, InsurTech is disrupting the insurance market with a growing need for digital technology. As customer nowadays are expecting faster underwriting reviews, how can insurers, insurance brokers and agents respond to the new wave? Besides developing InsurTech on their own, what else can they do to innovate their services and expand the customer base?

InsureBrick: Innovative Microservice Middleware

A platform that meets your diverse business needs
  • Stay on Top of Trends

    Centralized Business Logic for Optimal Efficiency

    Centralized insurance rules to reduce redundant workload

  • Agile & Adaptive

    28 Flexible Modules

    Available for single implementation and integration

  • Responsive & Flexible

    API Compliance

    Enabling innovative services with flexible combination

  • Scalable & Innovative

    Microservice Architecture

    A lightweight and multi-functional cloud modular middleware

Application Framework

InsureBrick features 28 modules covering member, products, insurance, calculation, payment and more, which are available for flexible combination and integration with existing internal and external systems.

Personalized Insurance Platform

  • Leading the Way

    Enhanced adaptability in a changing business environment and optimized service efficiency

  • Efficiency Optimization

    New product launch time reduced by 90% to stay ahead of your competition

  • Exceptional Experience

    User-friendly interface for easy data accessibility

Our InsureBrick Empowers You to Lead the Trend
  • Web-only Insurers

  • E-insurance Middleware

  • Property Insurance Middleware

  • Life Insurance Middleware

  • Broker & Agent Platform

Success Stories

    E-insurance Platform

    InsureBrick assists internet-only banks in deploying e-insurance platform with microservices architecture, which allows quick connection with core systems. The modularization further enables scalability and flexible integration, facilitating the product launch and business expansion.

    Automobile Insurance Platform

    Assisted Cathay Century Insurance in building an interactive online auto insurance platform using data analytics with personalized recommendation to provide fragmentation services and increase customer adhesion.

    Mobile Insurance Web & App

    Assisted Fubon Life Insurance in building mobile insurance web and app with 4 exclusive system modules, verification mechanism and 3rd-party payments, providing fast and optimized insurance experience.

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