InsureRing Insurance Rules Automatic Validation

A Management Transformation to Address Future Challenges






Empower Insurers with Efficiency

Automated Validation for Agility and Compliance

A new form of automatic validation for flexible insurance product launch, underwriting rules adjustment and regulatory compliance with enhanced scalability for various insurance platforms, helping insurers be responsive to the rapid market changes and optimize the efficiency of insurance product management.

InsureRing: Think Big for Automatic Rule Validation

Building comprehensive formulas, rules and inspection procedures for insurance management
  • Start Small

    Compatible with Microservices

    Small, independent system architecture design

  • Lightweight & Nimble

    Lightweight API Services

    Improve scalability of server and client-end

  • Management in New Form

    Centralized Management of Insurance Calculation Formulas

    Provide innovative services in flexible combination

  • Industry Leader

    Insurance Rules Engine

    Business logic of insurers to reduce long-term maintenance costs

Application Framework

InsureRing features formula, rules, and inspection modules to provide flexible combinations and optimize insurance management.

Fast Product Testing and Validation for Rapid Rollout in A Week

  • One Verification Only

    No repeated system testing needed

  • Optimized Efficiency

    Product launch time reduced by 90% to achieve speed to market

  • Simplified Process

    Improved data accuracy and consistency to simplify and speed up the product launch

Applications of InsureRing
Improving your operational efficiency from product validation to go-live.
  • Web-only Insurers

  • E-insurance Middleware

  • Property Insurance Middleware

  • Life Insurance Middleware

  • Broker & Agent Platform

Success Stories

    Mobile Insurance Web & App

    Assisted Fubon Life Insurance in building mobile insurance web and app with 4 exclusive system modules, verification mechanism and 3rd-party payments, providing fast and optimized insurance experience.

    Group Insurance Plan System

    Assisted Shin Kong Life in building centralized rules engine and E-process of premium calculations, reducing 50% costs and simplifying 60% product launch time with optimized integration of group insurance data.

    Automobile Insurance Platform

    Assisted Cathay Century Insurance in building an interactive online auto insurance platform using data analytics with personalized recommendation to provide fragmentation services and increase customer adhesion.

Our Customers