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Interactive Health Management

Boost Wellbeing with Technology

Interactive Digital Experiences Drive Engagement

With the growing use of mobile apps and wearable devices fueled by smart technology, traditional healthcare services providers, corporates and the insurance industry have evolved and adopted digitalization and gamification to offer engaging and interactive experiences for health management and monitoring. The applications of Smart Health not only optimize healthcare services, but incorporate health consciousness into people’s everyday lives.

Comprehensive Interactive Smart Health Management Services

Integrating smartphones with IoT devices, gamification, marketing activities and reward functions to help users stay fit and healthy.
  • Data Insights

    Health Metrics Management

    Collect and leverage health-related and daily physical activity data for effective tracking

  • Hardware & Software

    3rd-Party Integrations

    Support SDK connection of applications with multiple hardware and wearable devices

  • High Scalability

    Backend Community Management

    High flexibility and multi-module system functions to provide backend community management through modular design

  • Clear & Intuitive

    Diversified Charts

    Customized data analysis, infographics and reporting to offer valuable health insights

Application Framework

We provide a complete solution of dual-platform, connection of middle end and backend, and integration of wired & wireless communication technology.

Increase Business Productivity with Holistic Health Management

  • Create a Win-Win

    Boost employees' and members' wellbeing to add value and build a positive workplace

  • Smart Analytics

    Integrate and manage various health data across systems to present user health insights with a live dashboard

  • Diversified Experience

    Provide online and offline marketing, rewards, health education and more features to encourage self-care

We Help You Promote Health Management
Building Interactive and Dynamic User Experiences
  • Hospital Medical Care Services

  • Insurance Customer Engagement

  • Workplace Health Management

  • Government Health Promotion

  • Community Health Education

Success Stories

    Fun Sport App

    Assisted Bank SinoPac in building Fun Sport App with cross-system integration and fitness data monitoring, helping users stay healthy and turning calories burned into credit card reward points.

    Healthcare Management App

    Assisted Good Health Solutions International Co. in building a healthcare management app featuring infographic health tracker, personalized appointment notification, vaccination records, speed dial and more for users to manage wellbeing on the go.

    Healthcare Service App

    Assisted Fu Jen Catholic University Hospital in building a healthcare service app featuring appointment, real-time queue status, prescription payment, health information updates and more, which reduces wait times and enhances the patient experience.

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