Smart Building Solution

Harness Data to Unlock Sustainability





Smart Building

Toward A Sustainable Future

Build Energy Efficient, Low-Carbon Buildings

In response to the global ESG wave, enterprises have been engaged in energy-saving and low-carbon smart buildings. We provide holistic data integration from building equipment to building data analysis with visualized graphs to facilitate decision-making. We further optimize strategies for enterprise building services, environment and equipment mapping, helping enterprises build green and sustainable smart buildings.

Data-Driven Building Management

We help you build smart operation management and sustainable maintenance systems through equipment evaluation, product implementation, IoT data integration, real-time data predictive notification, graphical interface for monitoring and automatic control.
  • Data Integration


    Visualize building floor plan and 2D graphics to connect virtual with physical for all scenarios

  • System Scalability

    Middleware for Integration

    Integrate disparate brands of equipment and third-party systems with middle platform to provide data insights

  • Automatic Control

    Energy Saving

    Enable smart linkage through automatic control to provide the best energy-saving solution for the environment

  • Smart Analysis

    Predictive Analytics

    Implement data lake and big data analysis to forecast future trends with suggestions for energy consumption and carbon emissions

Application Framework

We empower green transformation with all-round data collection and system integration.

Best Data Integration for Enterprise Buildings

  • Device Integration

    Support integration of new buildings, equipment, third-party devices and more with horizontal scalability.

  • Data Team

    A team of data professionals to deconstruct, interpret and integrate data requirements between systems.

  • Continuous Services

    Provide additional value-added services for building equipment applications to meet dynamic business needs.

Professional Building Equipment Integration and Data Team
Smart Building Management and Maintenance
  • Tenant Management

  • Device Management

  • Space Management

  • Energy Management

  • Building Data Service

Smart Building Scenarios

    Real Estate - Digital Building Management

    We use digital technology to connect with equipment manufacturers, centralize and integrate various building equipment and monitor building operation status for quick troubleshooting. We further collect energy and environmental data through sensors, and use big data for energy consumption analysis and prediction to improve energy efficiency, fostering efficient building management and high-quality environmental experience.

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