AI Insurance Claims Processing Solution

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AI Claims Processing

Envision the Future of Insurance

AI-Enabled Claims Processing is the Key

The traditional claims processing requires extensive manual work of inputting claims data across systems, formatting, claims adjudication and review, etc. With various challenges coming up in recent years, such as global economic instability and rising labor costs, adopting digital technologies to improve operational efficiency, and AI technology in particular, has become the priority in the transformation strategies for the insurance industry.

AI Insurance Claims Processing Solution

Automated Claims Processing with NLP, AI OCR & RPA
  • Automated Document Processing

    AI OCR for Data Entry

    Integrate medical certificates and document formats for fast data entry in the corresponding fields to reduce time

  • High Accuracy

    Intelligent Recognition

    Recognize various complex receipt and invoice formats with AI retraining mechanism to ensure accuracy

  • Process Connection


    24/7 cross-system automation and uninterrupted task execution with reduced human error

  • Claims Review

    Fast Adjudication

    Data connected with automatic claims engine for claims review and adjudication to reduce manual work time

SysTalk.Detect AI Textual Analysis Leads Insurance Industry to the Future

Featuring self-developed NLP technology as the core for the algorithms to analyze various semantics and text scenarios, and perform ensemble learning of multiple models. The exclusive AI evolution system provides an intuitive interface and AI retraining mechanism "one-key optimization" to constantly improve the model accuracy for hassle-free AI model maintenance.

Application Framework

Only scanning is needed, and the system will automatically analyze the medical certificates and documents for claims professionals’ confirmation.

Best Decision-Making System for Claims Services

  • Time Saver

    Simplify work process, reduce human errors, and save labor costs by more than 80%.

  • Assured Quality

    The AI retraining mechanism enables high model accuracy rate and improves review efficiency for high-quality claims determination.

  • Improved Process

    Flexible cross-system operation connect auto case filing, auto adjustment and auto dispatch to improve claims process digitally and reduce risks.

AI Insurance Claims Processing Scenarios

    Insurance Industry - Medical Document Analysis

    Our solution analyzes medical certificates and documents with natural language technologies and empowers insurance claims processing; it further saves labor costs, maximizes operational efficiency, and continuously optimizes model accuracy with an evolution system to provide the best claims calculation results.