AI Document Processing Solution

Go from Data to Insights with AI-powered OCR

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AI Document Processing

Refined Digitalization of Analog Data

Transform Data into a Strategic asset with SysTalk.ICR

Providing better accuracy and performance beyond traditional OCR capability to tackle complex document format scenarios, features AI-powered SysTalk.ICR for intelligent character recognition and SysTalk.PUZZLE for model retraining to streamline document processing for enterprises.

A Next-Gen AI Model to Refine Document Processing

Exclusive AI algorithms to address limitations of traditional OCR and maximize the value of data.
  • Image Processing

    Pre-Processing Module

    Automatic defect and color correction to enhance recognition accuracy

  • Object Detection

    Exclusive AI Model

    Self-built AI model to optimize OCR coordinate positioning without creating templates to reduce training costs

  • Scenarios Generalization

    Data Augmentation

    Built-in automatic training data augmentation mechanisms to simulate diverse scenarios and improve the model

  • Easy Maintenance


    Retraining mechanism for data training to achieve 100% self-maintenance

Application Framework

SysTalk.ICR coupled with retraining mechanism ensures high accuracy and precision for recognition, helping you easily optimize models and expand scenarios with self-maintenance.

Enter an Era of AI-Driven Innovation

  • Cutting-Edge Technology

    AI-powered OCR to ensure high recognition accuracy

  • Enhanced Productivity

    Better efficiency and productivity with streamlined workflow and reduced error

  • High Accuracy

    Incorporating AI-powered text analysis capability for high accuracy

AI Document Processing Scenarios

    Financial Industry - A Stepping Stone to Document Digitization

    In response to the increasing volume of banking operations, our solution saves nearly 52% outsourcing costs for digital finance and information departments in the banking industry by streamlining document processing. The feedback system features model re-training, which seamlessly integrates recognized data into internal systems, effectively reducing operational cost by up to 45%.