SysTalk.Detect AI Textual Analysis Solution

Go from Data to Insights with AI






Extract Valuable Insights from Large Amounts of Data

A Must-Have for Smart Business Operations

AI-powered chatbots harness natural language understanding (NLU) and machine learning to deliver a smart, human-like conversational service. AI textual analysis can further extract and transform massive data into valuable information, improving enterprise operational efficiency and productivity.

SysTalk.Detect One-Stop AI Textual Analysis

A next-gen AI model with exclusive algorithms, retraining mechanisms and comprehensive local support.
  • Refinement

    Exclusive AI Evolution System

    Intuitive interface and AI retraining mechanism to improve confidence score for optimal model training results

  • Precision

    Data Processing Strategy

    Professional data labeling and analysis to improve the quality of massive data processing

  • Tailored Services

    Holistic Planning

    Implementation, internal & external system integration, connection and function building to meet diverse needs

  • Easy to Use


    One-click model training without coding skills for fast excerpt generation and reply templates

Application Framework

A complete AI model with "one-click optimization" and no coding skills needed to improve accuracy and deliver fast text analysis.

Optimize Business Operations with Just One Click

  • Model Evolution

    An exclusive AI evolution system extracting insights from old and new data, available for data retention and a knowledge base

  • Doubling Productivity

    Simplify workflows, reduce human errors and 80% of paperwork for better operational efficiency

  • Agility & Flexibility

    Flexible adjustment for one-stop creation and management of AI text comparison according to different scenarios

SysTalk.Detect Scenarios
An AI evolution mechanism providing the best analysis and decision-making for various applications
  • AI Customer Inquiry

  • AI Smart Underwriting

  • AI Smart Claims

  • AI Legal Text Comparison

  • AI Quality Inspection

Success Stories

    One-Stop Archive Management

    Built two AI screening models of "Archive Destruction Catalog" and "Document Index & Retention Period Table" through textual analysis for annotation and statistics, with integration of approval and review results from document management system.

    AI Suggested Reply

    Created a smart reply model to analyze citizen complaint emails and generate reply templates to reduce human labor with improved efficiency.

    Medical Document Analysis

    Leveraged NLU to analyze diagnosis certificates and documents to strengthen insurance claims settlement system and reduce human labor for better efficiency; model accuracy is constantly optimized through the evolution system to deliver the best claims payment calculation results.

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