Tribis-BPM Enterprise Business Process Management Solution

Reimagine the Future with Optimized Processes






BPM: Your First Step to Process Efficiency

Why is BPM A Cornerstone to Business Operation?

A growing adoption of hybrid and remote work models has generated new business scenarios since 2020, such as electronic approvals, online review for documents, etc., which emphasizes the importance of digital transformation. A smooth workflow has become fundamental to a business’ development, and the key to enhanced operational efficiency is to rebuild the existing business processes.

Tribis-BPM: Your Driving Force for Efficiency

Tribis-BPM is a lightweight process engine compliant with BPMN 2.0. Featuring dynamic forms and flexible process design, it supports various advanced processes and applications without restrictions on brand specifications and is available for highly flexible customization.
  • Tailored

    Best-suited & Adaptive

    We build business processes tailored to your needs.

  • Tandem

    Highly Integrated & Agile

    We integrate complex scenarios and offer a dynamic dashboard for agile management.

  • Ten+

    10+ Years of Experience

    To automate your business processes, our professional team knows best.

  • Unrestricted

    Interfacing with API Services

    We support various development platforms without programming language restrictions.

Process Architecture

Tribis-BPM provides one-stop management and integration of cross-system data to best suit your needs.

A Lightweight Process Engine to Rebuild and Optimize Processes

  • Digital Transformation

    Enhance stability and agility for enterprises with core process platform.

  • Agile Organization

    Logicalized organizational processes to help enterprises stay adaptive, and further boost productivity and reduce errors.

  • Risk Aversion

    Explicit business processes to avoid process gaps and comply with audits regulations.

Advancing Technology from Tribis-BPM
Business process management applies to various fields, facilitating enterprises internal process automation.
  • Business Operation Management

  • Human Resource Management

  • Procurement

  • Sales Control

  • Hybrid Work

Success Stories

    VPM Streaming Service Management Platform

    Tribis-BPM establishes a complete film release scheduling process with personalized design and configurable permission levels, providing all-round monitoring of film distribution execution. It further facilitates the business expansion with users on the rise as well as improved distribution speed and accuracy.

    Insurance Policy Image Process Management

    Built a new policy image process platform to store massive policy image files through big data solutions and rebuild the process engine to replace costly process product licensing, maximizing system performance under budget!

    Kaohsiung EasyGo

    Assisted the Kaohsiung City Government in implementing the process engine with dynamic forms and processes, which allows fast creation of form processes for public services featuring intuitive approval remarks and review processes at a glance, improving the overall operation efficiency.

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